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Musician’s know how hard it is to ‘make it’ selling your own music. It is becoming increasingly necessary to redefine what success in the music industry is nowadays. Artists used to need a record label to be heard. Now, all they need is a PC, an internet connection, and the ability to empower themselves and take control of their place in the music industry. provides that connection between artists and music lovers. Let’s face it, the CD is dead, and digital downloads are on the rise. Take control of your music career and sign up for a free account to start selling your music to the world today.

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Every day, hundreds of artists and musicians collect moneygram payments from Our customers monthly payments come in every day non-stop to pay you for your hard earned work; just upload your music, direct your fans to your page, and watch the sales come in realtime, day after day.

Your fans don’t have credit cards? Don’t worry, we accept mobile phone payments from over 200 countries around the world. This greatly expands the number of potential customers who can purchase your songs. You need to market your music to get fans into your shows and your career off the ground. Marketing takes money.

You need a website designed, printed posters, web banners, professional photos and a few CDs to give away. Not to mention marketing advice, business coaching and legal fees here and there. Just imagine everything you could do with a new revenue stream–now you can purchase that tube microphone, keyboard workstation or electric guitar you’ve always wanted to take your sound to the next level. Finally start making money to get the necessary tools to get that “pro” sound. Easily achieve all these and more when you get started by signing up for a artist account.

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Dont lose your precious songs in an ocean of unrelated music. For you to be heared by those most likely to buy your music, you need to be in the right place. offers strictly music for a audience. And this is really just the beginning. Within a few short months, your plays begin to add up and you now have proof of your songs’ popularity. No more trying to convince labels and show promoters of your value–the numbers don’t lie.

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How it works for artists.

Start selling your music by filling out the form. You will need your music in mp3 format to upload to your newly created account. You also need to  include a photo or album artwork.