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3 easy rounds to advance your music career. After signing up, we load your single onto the New Release Chart on the TripleVMusic App and round 1 begins.

Round 1 – New Release Chart [7 days]

Your YouTube music video is linked to TripleVMusic’s New Release Chart. This will get you more YouTube views and help your music video get exposure. Tell as many people as you can including friends, family, social media followers, and music fans to vote for you in exchange for FREE iTunes and Amazon gift cards. We’re rewarding potential fans for watching your music video! Getting on our app gives you exposure to 1,000’s of voting music fans around the world including over 40,000 of our Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook Followers! Get enough positive votes within 7 days to move on to round 2.

Round 2 – Top 10 Chart [Survival Mode]

Let’s start making money! We GIVE you FREE: ISRC code, MediaBase & Soundscan registration, and distribution through our website music catalog (*optional). You can continue to stay here for weeks as long as your new fans keep voting for you and keep you from getting knocked off the chart. Extra weeks worth of marketing and advertising for FREE!

Round 3 – Road to Stardom [Lifetime]

With your newly validated hit song, we start endorsing you, the artist, to Major Record Labels, Radio Stations, Investors, Advertising Agencies, Product Placement Ads, Music-Trailers and other funding opportunities to grow your music career.

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What iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Other Online Music Distributors Don’t Do, TripleVMusic Will! While getting your music on some the world’s largest online music distribution stores is definitely something you will want to do as an independent music or record label, there is something many fail to realize: iTunes, Amazon MP3,  Cd Baby, Google Play, and all the rest  are just platforms to sell your music, NOT a marketing tool! These online music distribution platforms will only serve one purpose: Provide a way for people to buy your music. What they do not generally do however, is help expose your music so more people will buy. While some do have their own charts and an occasional promotion here or there that can help give artists exposure, most don’t do anything for the average person who sells their music on their platforms. Unfortunately, if you’re just an independent musician or small record label starting out and aren’t selling a ton of songs already, you will fall into this category. As with selling on any other digital music platform, if you really want to make sales, you first need to get people aware and interested in your music. If you don’t do this, it won’t matter where you’re selling your digital downloads. Unless you’re willing to promote your music to people, there’s no point putting your music up to sell in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look at how to get more exposure on the only 3 music distribution platforms that matter: iTunes, Amazon, and TripleVMusic. Why Do I Need Only iTunes, Amazon, and TripleVMusic for Music Distribution? The saying, “The more, the better” isn’t always true, especially in the case of online music distribution.  Here is a Digital Distribution Comparison Chart: Digital distribution comparison chart TripleVMusic wants you know what everyone else in the music industry is hiding from you – More is NOT better when discussing online music distribution! There are 2 very important rules you will need to know to be successful in the music industry:

  1. Know how and when you are getting paid.  The more distributors you have, the worse it is.  They all have different pay out times (monthly, quarterly, yearly).  Tracking is nearly impossible since it is really being brokered through a 3rd party.  You went to one of the big distributors (Cd Baby, Ditto, Tunecore), not the 200+ smaller ones you never heard of!  Good luck getting paid and keeping track.
  2. Are my sales being counted?  Nielsen SoundScan is the only company that is going to track your sales.  I know you would like to get paid, but if you ever want to see yourself on the Billboard Chart, get signed by a major label, or win a Grammy, then your sales need to be registered with Soundscan.

Here’s is what TripleVMusic can do for you:

  • NeilsenLogo-Mojito-MasteringRegister your sales with Nielsen SoundScan.  If you ever want to get signed with a large record label, see yourself on the Billboards, or get a Grammy, then your sales need to be registered with SoundScan.  If you already have an ISRC Code & UPC Code for your music single, TripleVMusic will use them, but we cannot guarantee that your sales will be correctly reported to SoundScan.
  • darnaaMediaBaseWill register you music with MediaBase. Mediabase is a music industry service that monitors radio station airplay in 180 US and Canadian markets.
  • Digitally distribute your music single on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and TripleVMusic for downloading in Mp3 format.TripleVMusic-App-iTunes-Amamzon-mp3-triplevmusic
  • Get your music single onto the only app in the world, TripleVMusic, which will help you get exposure, build a fan base, and create sales.  With over 50,000 downloads and growing, our app users love the music industry and are waiting to hear your music today.  A very unique feature of our app that teenager’s love is that they don’t need a credit card to buy music.  The teenager demographic drives the music, social media, and entertainment industries and they love us.
  • Help convert your friends and family to the ultimate sales and marketing team for you.  Now there is a reason for friends and family to listen to, tell others, and be excited about your new single……they earn gift certificates from Amazon and iTunes for doing so!
  • Drive thousands of real people (organic traffic) and comments to your YouTube music video.  Let us get your music video to go viral by sending music lovers that specially love your genre of music to your YouTube music video to vote on it.
  • See analytical voting data of your music single rated by thousands of real people.  Find out what people think about your music.  All the data is recorded so you can present it to concert/venues, music industry experts, use the data when negotiating with record labels, and/or show your fans just how good you really are!
  • Additionally, be able to provide a follow up campaigns by hitting only the fans that liked your single with important information like tours, concerts, or other new music release dates.
Indie Music Promo Voting by TripleVMusicTripleVMusic--App-Analytics-Chart

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Week of September 19th (Sold Out)
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Slot 3 – Chris Heria – On My Mind
Week of September 26th
Slot 1 – $399
Slot 2 – $399
Slot 3 – (Reserved)
Week of October 3rd
Slot 1 – $399
Slot 2 – $399
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Week of October 10th
Slot 1 – $399
Slot 2 – $399
Slot 3 – (Reserved)

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